Firefox 2.0 uninstalled

I uninstalled Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and switch back to Firefox 1.5 because the version 2.0 of the browser often stopped responding requiring me to force quit it.

I tried to clean install the browser by removing it with Appzapper, because I thought the problem could be caused by incompatible extensions. However, Firefox 2.0 kept on freezing even after the reinstallation.

So, I’m back to using Firefox 1.5 now

Reasons why I do not need Firefox 2.0:

  1. New theme and user interface

    Firefox 2.0 new default theme do look nicer but I prefer a browser that does not crash. The changes between the default theme of version 1 and 2 is not that much and I can always download and install a theme from Firefox add-ons.

  2. Phising protection

    I’m pretty good when it comes to identifying phising emails. I also have Google Toolbar for Firefox installed with Safe browsing option enabled. The built-in phising protection included in Firefox 2.0 is using Google anti-phising service.

    I also use OpenDNS as my DNS resolution service. OpenDNS offer phising protection that works with all browsers and operating systems.

  3. Resuming browser session

    I can use SessionSaver extension or Google Browser sync to restore my browsing sessions.

  4. Better tabs

    I find it annoying that Firefox open new window links as new tabs. If I want to open a link as new tab, I would right click and choose the option. Btw, I also find new window links annoying, find out why.

    I rarely use the tab close button because I use a faster way by pressing the close window keyboard shortcut. You can also install an extension called Tab X to add close button to each browser tab.

Things I’m missing out from Firefox 2.0

  1. Inline spellchecking — useful when I’m sending emails or posting blog entries/comments
  2. Client-side session and persistent storage
  3. JavaScript 1.7
  4. SVG-Text support

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